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Could Supplier Mapping Reduce Risk and Protect Profitability?

Financial Services

The skills and tools we bring have been developed through our past work experience. In 2015/16 we supported a provider of IT infrastructure to a global Financial Services Group with an annual spend on End User Computing in region of £1.7m. The incumbent supplier had been in place for 4 years and was perceived to be providing good value with add-on services (e.g. asset tagging). Experience and market intelligent told us that End User Computing is a highly competitive market.

The challenge

A spend analysis was conducted to identify volumes and future spend on End User Computing. Suitable competitors across the Value Add Reseller (VAR) and OEM market were identified and specifications of hardware (laptops, desktops, tablets, desktop printers and TCDs) were agreed with the client post and RFI.

Benefits Achieved

  • Completed full spend analysis to identify spend over next 1-3 years
  • Supported the EUC team to work with group Bus to agree to a rationalised number of standard specifications (e.g. 7 laptop types reduced to 3)
  • Designed RFP to identify players
  • Ran an eAuction to drive savings

Successfully delivered savings as well as reducing complexity of devices which delivered soft savings in terms of management as well as:

  • Achieved 33% reduction in overall annual equipment costs
  • Achieved reduction in variants across all EUC equipment types
  • Retained all current value add services (e.g. asset tagging, stock, delivery, SLAs)
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