Bromley Wood Associates supports procurement teams of any size to build the skills needed to consistently deliver the gold standard in procurement, all without needing to outsource.

Many organisations have procurement teams, but how many of them have all the skills it takes to deliver as much value as possible? Skill gaps mean opportunities go missed and can result in the need for expensive consultancy or an outsourced solution that can’t be replicated in-house.

How are we different to traditional procurement and why?

Organisations often rely on external support to bridge skill gaps within their own procurement teams – but is this approach really sustainable? Bromley Wood Associates overcomes the contraints of a traditional outsourcing. Instead, we train your team so that you can get the most out of your procurement and generate sustainable business revenue.

How Associates Can Help You?

Get the most out of your procurement with a fully skilled and empowered procurement team. With a blend of eLearning, team procurement training and business coaching, Bromley Wood Academy can help you uplift the skills of your organisation’s procurement professionals and teams so they can deliver the greatest value to your organisation.

Our Partners

At Bromley Wood Associates, we believe that the ability of Procurement teams to deliver great value is enhanced by using the right tools and support.

Our key technology partner: The world’s first procurement software that harnesses AI to drive Category & Supplier Management.

Manage supplier relationships, performance, quality, risk and compliance in one solution

SmartCube solutions combine strategic research, advanced analytics and best of breed technology to provide the actionable insights you need, delivered straight to your desktop.


Our Benefits

We seek to uplift skills and to provide targeted strategic support for organisations and procurement teams of all shapes and sizes.

More efficiancy

By enhancing your team’s skills, they’ll be equipped to work more efficiently, with no time wasted looking for the appropriate external help each time.

Lower costs

With a fully skilled in-house team, your oragnisation won’t need to outsource to expensive procurement consultants time and again. Plus, improved in-house efficiency will save even more costs.

Maximise value

Once your team learn the process, they can repeat it and scale up where necessary, optimising the value of your organisation's procurement in the process.

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