Using a blend of eLearning, bespoke training and coaching, Bromley Wood Academy is here to uplift the skills of your organisation's teams and procurement professionals so they can deliver the highest possible value to your organisation.

When procurement professionals and procurement teams don’t have the right training and development, they are not reaching their full potential and don’t have the knowledge and skills to deliver the best possible results for your business. However, when you provide the tools to uplift the skills of your team, you can transform your business’s value.

What's Included In Bromley Wood Academy?

Every Training To Suit Your Needs

We can help you to uplift the skills of procurement professionals and procurement teams through our online training platform and workshops.


Improve your knowledge and skills through self-paced eLearning modules

Bespoke Training

Give your team the development they need in both technical and soft skills to deliver great value.

Coaching & Mentoring

Supercharge your procurement career with 121 support and development.


Our Benefits

We seek to uplift skills and to provide targeted strategic support for organisations and procurement teams of all shapes and sizes.

More efficient

Improve the skills of your procurement team so that they can work more efficiently to deliver results without the need to outsource.

Lower costs

Outsourcing can be expensive. With a fully trained in-house procurement team, you can save the expense of hiring procurement consultants time and again. Plus, in-house efficiency will save you even more.

Maximise value

By uplifting your in-house team’s skills, you can implement strategies, repeat processes and scale up where needed, optimising the value of your organisation’s procurement.

Get in touch and get the resources to support your procurement team