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It’s our mission to help procurement professionals and procurement teams to deliver the greatest value to their organisation through uplifting skills and to providing targeted strategic support.


Why do organisations need our help?

Too many organisations lack the right stratgey and skills to enhance the procurement process. With a lack of focus, time and money gets wasted, sustainability targets are not met, and paying for one-off expensive consultancy work becomes the reoccuring outcome.


What can we help you to overcome?

Organisations not only need the support to build an effective, sustainable and cost-effective strategy. Procurement teams also need the skills to implement the strategy and scale up when needed.

Our Solutions

Choose one of our three options
Or opt for a blended approach

Through bespoke strategic support and training, Bromley Wood can help your organisation and its people to overcome the many challenges of traditional procurement. Use CatSaaS to shape the best possible strategy for your organisation and Academy to train your team to learn the process, repeat it and scale up.

Our Services

Depending on the needs of your business, we have a bespoke service for you. Choose from online training, strategy or 121 consultancy. The objective will be the same. To give you sustainable procurement.

Bromley Wood Academy can help to uplift the skills of procurement professionals and procurement teams through our online training platform and workshops.

Category Strategy as a Service provides targeted support to procurement individuals or procurement teams in the development of their category strategy.

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Bromley Wood Associates gains you access to our leading global procurement consultant team working with them on a 121 level.


The Benefits

With Bromley Wood’s innovative approach to procurement, you, as the customer, reap the benefits. As your team gain better internal processes and knowledge, you empower them to develop sustainable procurement practices.

Empowering your procurement team

Maximise the value and output of your organisation

Mitigate spiralling costs and reduce the likelihood of leakages

Reduce risk from a more diverse supply chain

Hit sustainability targets from your CSR strategy

Better understanding of your spend

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